Why Silverstripe

What is Silverstripe?

SilverStripe is a free, open source content management system. It's commercial strength is that SilverStripe is easy and intuitive for website owners to use and maintain their website, with no HTML or CSS knowledge required.

At a development level, SilverStripe is built on top of a strong, established, flexible and mature MVC framework. As a developer you can leverage this framework to build practically any type of web application you can think of and as a bonus the SilverStripe CMS is already built in providing users with an easy way to manage website users, content and anything else you can think of. That's why we choose SilverStripe and we're sure once you start using SilverStripe you won't look back.

Whats the best way to start with SilverStripe?

We think the best way to try SilverStripe is with one of our themes. Our themes are fully developed turn key websites. Once you install a theme you can explore the code to see how we've done things and then change and extend the code in any way you like to suit your needs. We like learning by example and we think our themes provide great, complete examples for you to try.

5 Quick facts about SilverStripe CMS

Award winning CMS

It took the title for Best Open Source Software Project at the New Zealand Open Source Awards and was also the first runner up for Best Overall CMS at the International Packt Publishing CMS Awards.

Built in New Zealand

SilverStripe was built in New Zealand by a diverse and talented international team.

Open source CMS

SilverStripe is an open source CMS backed by a successful company. This means the user and developer community can access the code to study, change and improve it.

Easiest CMS for Consumers

Both web developers and consumers agree that the SilverStripe is the easiest CMS for consumers to learn and the easiest for developers to teach clients/consumers.

Trusted CMS

Do you trust politicians? They trust SilverStripe! New Zealand Government agencies and Barak Obama's Democratic Party chose SilverStripe as their preferred CMS.